I believe in Angels, I know they are watching over you, even you who don’t know how to use them according to their ministry for your life. The Bible says, Hebrews 1:14, Are they not all ministering spirits, sent forth to minister for them who shall be heirs of salvation? Salvation is for everyone, though everyone will not accept it, angels are still there for you. A minister is one who serves. However, we must couple that with Psalms 103:20, which says they excel in strength when they hear the voice of God’s word. This simply intimates, those who communicate with the angels of God according to His word receive more protection from them. Ask yourself, in a world of chaos and trouble, how did I get this far?If you will notice, some movies and television hit series deal with bad spirits, spirits of a different sort, i.e. blood sucking vamps, etc.; but they are confronted by good spirits who excel in strength to counter or conqueror the evil from overtaking the good. The vampires of old always feared the cross. This has not been highlighted except with Dracula. We intend to bring spirits (good or bad) to light through a series of short stories made for television that analogously, compares with spirits first found in the Holly Writ.I’m a writer who reads the good book, and being a TCM movie buff, I find, predominantly, stories concerning spirits written antecedently, were extrapolated from the spirit world or stories in the Bible, which deals with the spirit of human nature in man.Many people don’t believe in the unseen. Not casting any aspersions on anyone, but I differ with them, it is the unseen that sustains us daily, like oxygen, fresh air, love, etc. Believe in your angels, call on them before leaving home every day, in the name of the Lord and watch them work for you. It is what you can’t or don’t see that can bring harm or good to you.

The Angel Flight (Mar. 16, 2019)

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